"I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me."

Hi! Welcome you beautiful human.

Congrats for making it here. I'm Holly and I love to communicate.

I study brain science, write about philosophy and try to live my most vibrant, present life.

This website is an open message board. Comment on my posts, ask questions and start a discussion! Vote in polls when I share them, and participate in worldwide forums down the line.

I believe the world needs more hope, love and unity.
Our globe is full of uncertainty, isolation and dissatisfaction.

My purpose is to spread positivity and inspire community!

I will do this through conversations, writing and blogging, sharing dance, voice messages, photos, and art that feels like positivity.

If you like nature, craft, photography, psychology, art, writing, foods that make you feel good or helpful tricks for social self-improvement you're in the right place!

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Is to boost the world's confidence. I care about everyone around me. I want to promote a healthier, happier global mindset and guide us all to find our very best selves. I live to serve others and am committed to peace.


I'm an early 20s communication enthusiast who loves all things to do with self-expression. I am an extrovert and an empath, which means I get energy from being around other people and that I relate deeply to other people's feelings. I lurrrve to write and read. I get lost in science and nature! I study psychology, media and philosophy in Queensland, Australia. I find it really easy to frame other people's ideas and I love to go out and network, socialise and learn off people.


I'm driven by experience and vibrance. I love colours, nature, music and people. I am young but I learn fast and I have a wild imagination. I look forward to contributing to the world. I hope you can join me 🙂


I was an incredibly shy kid. Think the "quiet-achiever" type. I was unconfident, unsatisfied, and I loathed myself. Through my teen years I took the most incredible journey of self-discovery and used psychology to blossom into the bright, happy, self-assured butterfly of love and creativity that I am today. I truly found my soul and light, and I learnt how to treat myself and others. I practice kindness, confidence and acceptance in my every experience. The person I am now wants to share my story and breakthroughs with the world.


I aspire to be as unconventional as possible. You might catch me dancing, asking odd questions, talking to strangers, giggling, climbing trees, scribbling notes, singing on the train, or walking straight into that place I shouldn't. I'm fascinated by how fluid life is and how easily we can change and adapt as humans. So I play a lot of fun mind games on myself to see how I can subtly make the world a better and more fun place for those around me.


I have no boundaries or limit to my curiosity when it comes to writing! Here you'll find thoughts on humans, evolution, society, music, philosophy, friendship, relationships, creatures, psychology, my stories and everything in between. If you have a request send it through! You don't need an account to comment so add on your perspective 😉


Photos have been a passion since I was a kid. I wanted to show others exactly how I saw the world through the unique lense of my vision. I tend to focus on blowing up the microscopic world, as well as a bit of landscape photography. You can 100% copy and use my images, my photography is not a business and I feel as though nature is not mine to own. After all I put them up for you to enjoy them! Just try not to be a dick and abuse this right.


I love making things with my hands and am obsessed with miniatures. Cards, jewellery, beading, paper creations, photo frames, you name it, I can figure out a way to do it. Keeps me busy and thoughtful! Join me here for little DIYS, buy keepsakes or gifts of your own or just ooh and ahh over cute fiddly trinkets with me!


Building off the communication theme, it must be known that I LOVE lyrics and interpreting the messages behind songs! I'm amazed by the way music unites and heals, so I've dedicated this page to discussing our favourites. This is a casual space to chat all things music, words, feelings, artists and collaborations. I'll kick things off by adding some of my favourite lyrics and discussing songs I love. If you know anything more than I do add your thoughts!!


This is the random corner of my website. A little like Tumblr anonymous section, I want you to submit your crazy whacky thoughts, ideas, or anything you wanna get off your chest.


Checkout the blog "GRLKND", they've included some cool review quotes and mentor sections that I like.

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