A Life with Soulmates

A Life with Soulmates

Group of Horses as Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about soulmates lately, after recently breaking up with one. Yes, I’d absolutely consider him a soulmate, though I realize now he is likely not THE one for me at this time. But he taught me some indescribably powerful lessons about myself, and we pushed each other’s growth in ways I could never have imagined. You see, I believe we have many soulmates, all equipped with different lessons to teach us before we ever have a chance of meeting the real one. Some will stay, some were meant to go, some may even come back! In the meantime, that special someone for you will be busy weeding through their own vital lessons.

To visualize your soulmates, first consider of all your friends. Which ones not only complement your life, but give it a sense of being whole? Which ones don’t just rest idly on top of the sand, but seep down into it and fill the cracks?

Which ones, conversely, provide something less essential? Sometimes I need someone who is rather blatant with me, or perhaps more sensible or spontaneous to teach me a lesson in the short-term. If you can visualise the difference between those who fulfill a need and those who fulfill your soul, you’ll see how the ones you truly relate and connect with make grounds for a magnetic attraction.

I had a big realization last night when I began to consider if I had any friends who were soulmates. And when I really closed my eyes and imagined, I was surprised to realize I have 3 in my friend group. I believe friends can absolutely be soulmates. From my understanding of a soulmate, it is simply someone who I feel 100% at home with. I don’t feel the need to hide anything… I don’t filter myself at all. The thought of holding back doesn’t even cross my mind. They love me as I am, no more and no less, and they respect every natural thing about me. There’s nothing I could tell them that would make them see me any differently. They have been there for me no matter my life events, no matter my past, no matter my choices. I am not acting around them, and I feel my most authentic.

So I asked myself, what makes these 3 lovely people my soulmates? I started to think about their qualities, and that’s where the magic really happened. Here’s what I came up with: My soulmates are all incredibly gentle, soft people. Genuine, curious, playful; even kooky. Sensitive, effortlessly kind to everyone, candid and expressive with their emotions. Compassionate and selfless. Affectionate and approachable. They support and encourage you with endless patience and nurturing. I thank my lucky stars to even know people like this.

I realized, after some careful thinking, that these people are a lot like I would describe myself. And now I understand why I click with them so deeply, seamlessly and universally. It’s because they genuinely align with my soul. And I have already found THREE of them in my 21 years so far!!! This is so exciting to me. I cannot wait to meet more, because now I know what I’m looking for. I now understand more who is and is not a soulmate, and everything in between. Many partial-soulmates will continue to walk into my life, to love me at that exact time and teach me the sometimes tough lessons I need in order to find true-soulmates. Until then, I will fully appreciate and enjoy the ones I’ve got, and cherish the many many supportive friends I am lucky to have.

I look forward to a life of existing surrounded by my soulmates.

A quote about meeting your soulmate at the exact right time. No sooner, no later.


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