Author: Holly

Quality thoughts result in a quality day.

Colour of my Mind

Today I reflect on how the colour of my self-talk influences my whole day. On particularly stressful days, I notice I am often telling myself that I am doing everything wrong. That I feel fearful and that I have reasons to be, that I need things and that I’m not independent, and that I’m going…
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Palette Knife Portrait by painter Françoise Nielly depicting a man feeling sadness.

Cry It Out

The Gratitude Jar

Today I’d like to talk about something really small and simple that has massively improved my attitude in the past year. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I had been feeling stressed in life and needed some avenue to acknowledge and focus on the things I was grateful for.   So…
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A post about forgiving yourself when you forget, and letting go of things that are not absolutely necessary or useful.

Let Go

Let go. Accept and embrace the ambiguity in your life. Everything’s always turned out okay so far, so what makes you think one day it won’t be? All things in life that are uncertain are great avenues for anxiety, but equally great avenues for excitement. What is new is equally scary as it could be…
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Talk about Your Emotions

It is SO important to communicate your emotions. Emotions are ugly, and situations can become uncomfortable and difficult. But you CANNOT walk away from a conversation because you’re angry, and refuse to cooperate. This severs ANY potential for understanding, which is the goal of resolving that conflict. If you close the option to talk about…
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An image of a bunny looking into a mirror representing the importance of looking at yourself honestly, taking responsibility, and also forgiving yourself when you've made a mistake.

Take Responsibility, and Forgive Yourself

Taking responsibility! Something we could all practice a lot more regularly, me included. If you know you’ve hurt someone, even it was unintentional, say sorry! Life’s too short to hold onto the stubborn belief that you’re never wrong, and that any time you are, it’s some sort of stain on your reputation or value as a…
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A photo of a journal piece about going with the flow of life.

Flow with the Formula

Lately I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that life is pretty predictable, and I like that about it. There are times that feel like you’re struggling uphill, and there are times you’re flying downhill with ease. I know that neither last forever, so I really enjoy the warm episodes, and hold out hope…
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A journal piece I wrote about feeling safe and comfortable in your own company.

Alone and At Ease

This piece is about learning to be relaxed around yourself, rather than uncomfortable. I used to spend my days trying to fill in every spare hour with some sort of social activity. I hated the idea of spending any time alone — it filled me with fear. I’ve come a long way since then, realizing…
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A collage I did out of pressed leaves and flowers using colours inspired by Autumn.

Autumn Nostalgia

I used to despise the onset of cold weather but in the years lately, the very beginning of Autumn has sent me into a comfy little haze of nostalgia. Here’s a creative piece I wrote a week or two ago.

A picture of the Monstera Deliciosa Bush, a mature plant.

Monstera Fruit Obsession!

I just found out one of my favourite strange exotic fruits grows from a very common indoor houseplant! The Monstera Deliciosa (translating to “delicious monster”) is also known as the swiss cheese plant for the distinct holes in it’s huge, broad leaves. And you will have seen it for sure! If you spot one of…
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