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Blue Sky Mind

The mind, at it’s essence, is a blue sky. Pure, expansive, open and free. Every thought that crosses your blue sky is a cloud. There are clouds that just float past and there are clouds that gather and accumulate. Sometimes they gather until you can no longer see your blue sky. Sometimes they just grow…
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How to Make Someone Comfortable with You

I’ve always been very interested in the teeny, tiny micro-aspects of conversation. Whether we are speaking with a friend or a stranger often determines the types of language we use, what we decide to disclose and what we keep to ourselves, our body-language and facial expressions, and how we react and respond to what’s been…
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An image of a single deep purple rose before a cosmic background of geometric elements.

Statistics and Science

Statistics. It’s the word that makes almost every uni student cringe. Statistics is a strain of maths we use in most of our fields, whether psychology, biology or engineering, that forms the numerical backbone of evidence we use to present our ideas and theories to others. Statistics is the very basis of science, and it…
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Journal entry written by Communication Fascination's author Holly Pearce, about finding happiness in your own situation and by continuing to leave your comfort zone.

Love of Unknown

This one’s about climbing the mountain and finally seeing the magnificence from the top.

An image of an open book with a forest growing inside.

University Fills my Heart

God I love university. It’s like a giant playground for me. UQ has truly opened me up as a person, and painted my mind with colour. It has been such an opportunity to learn from other people, expose myself to new and novel ideas, and to laugh, socialise and create with pupils of diverse cultures…
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