Author: Holly Pearce

How do you know when someone’s done psychedelics?

They’ll tell you. Directly after meeting you.

Picture of a pair holding hands by a beach.

Teammates not Tyrants

This one’s about letting go of people who make you feel unworthy.

The Land - a junkyard-style adventure playground in Wales.

Child’s Play

This is my very first post about something I’ve studied. Though I’m very excited about mass communication! We’re learning about the effects of ‘play’ in Developmental Psychology at the moment. It is no secret that kids seem to be guided less towards play and curiosity and more towards instructed learning and literature these days. However,…
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Love for Others

I have realised (and I’m certain any psychologist will understand) that I do a lot of writing about myself and my own brain. But this post is a simple appreciation for others. Others are wonderful. They yearn to connect, they like to share, I generally find they want to positively impact your day in whatever…
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A picture of me looking to the light, wearing a favourite bright purple dress that reminds me of warmth and happiness. This is my positive, fun, open, free self being me.

Warm Wisdom

I tend to surround myself these days not just with positive attitudes, but with positive knowledge. Research, studies and disciplines where there is a deliberately warm direction are what truly captivate me. As a deep-rooted optimist, I seek not problems but solutions. And for me to pursue the correct or most true decision in any…
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A psychedelic masterpiece by Deviant artist Ryky conveying a figure in a rainbow forest.

Healing Words for Anxious Thoughts

A lot of what I’ve learned about anxiety is all about perspective. Over time, I’ve been able to take control over it by turning my narrow-minded worry into an ecompassing wave of more grateful and reassuring thoughts. So I came up with this short passage to remember my feelings by: I’m not anxious, I’m curious.…
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Image of a brown and a sandy coloured rabbit sitting with their ears pricked up.

Talk Less, Listen More

Continuing on from my last post, I’d like to share with you all the best wisdom I’ve learnt about giving advice: Don’t give advice. Now this is harder than you can possibly imagine! Next time you’re hearing a person vent, just try it for yourself and see how hard it is! It’s almost impossible not…
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A quote on a forest background stating "Follow your own passion. Not your parents', not your teachers' - yours." by Robert Ballard

Pursuing YOUR Passion

As I ponder the passions I will pursue this year and into the future, this quote becomes of particular interest to me. I dubbed last year the “Year of the Gut Feeling”, for the reason that the biggest choices I had to make lay completely on my own self, and no other. This was daunting…
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Photo from a 70s New Year party capturing two couples laughing and showing affection

70s New Year Party

A photograph of a naked human woman curled up in the roots of a tree.

My Take on The “Human”

Humans. We’re about as simple as it gets. We revolve around this base philosophy that we’re deeply complex; so incomparably individual. And we are! But at the same time, we forget we’re about as simple as a chemical formula. And there’s already one out there for us. In fact, there’s more than 7 billion of…
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