Author: Holly Pearce

A picture of me looking to the light, wearing a favourite bright purple dress that reminds me of warmth and happiness. This is my positive, fun, open, free self being me.

Warm Wisdom

I tend to surround myself these days not just with positive attitudes, but with positive knowledge. Studies, disciplines and research where there is a deliberately warm direction. As a deep-rooted optimist, I am careful not to dwell on problems, but rather look for solutions. And for me to pursue the correct or most true decision…
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Fantasy artwork of a baby suspended in a womb in the stars and galaxy perched beneath a tree of life.

Dream Cave

One of my favourite fictional pieces I’ve written. It’s about floating alone in the ocean, and realizing the vast size of the universe around you. I imagined the sea as one big womb, and found inspiration for a story that I penned in the car on the way home. I love this piece because it…
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A green leafy background setting with a quote about complimenting someone written on a piece of paper.

Give Compliments

When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could last a lifetime. I find this quote beautiful and honest. I found this on the page of a gorgeous tattooed lady I met at a festival and since reading it I have been practicing this…
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Girl laying on beach.

Tranquility Bay

Wrote this one about enjoying some peace in your own headspace. Written after spending time around a very tranquil person who inspired me to spend more quality alone time. Title inspired by the Arctic Monkey’s latest atmospheric album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

I Know Who I am

I think I know who I am these days. Not just think, I know. I get a feeling. It’s really wonderful. I think I have always known, too, and I’ve just been patient enough to let that person remain unfixed as I’ve nurtured and developed her into what I wanted her to be. You see,…
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Pastel colourful sunset clouds


Today I let myself daydream. I sat, and I imagined. I watched the clouds unfurl, and┬átiny sapphire dragonflies zoom atop blades of grass like helicopters in an airport. And I let my mind rest. I let it swirl and calculate, see and imagine. I have unlocked yet another part of my brain, one capable of…
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Eternal Soul Connection Love Skeletons Hugging

Electric Love

Something I wrote last year as an experiment with words, about love that transcends physical reality. Art by Jean-Francois Painchaud, entitled “Skeleton-Love”.

Accept your Invitation to the Universe

Have you ever felt restless about why it is you are here? Was your life path already chosen or do you have the freedom to choose it? Do you feel a constant pressure to be a perfect version of whatever it is that you are? One thing that gives me ease with these questions is…
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