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Welcome to my thoughts and feelings on life.

I write about art, psychology, dreaming, philosophy, the universe and that which transcends human experience.

Quality thoughts result in a quality day.
Colour of my Mind
Today I reflect on how the colour of my self-talk influences my whole day. On particularly stressful days, I notice
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The Gratitude Jar
Today I’d like to talk about something really small and simple that has massively improved my attitude in the past
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A post about forgiving yourself when you forget, and letting go of things that are not absolutely necessary or useful.
Let Go
Let go. Accept and embrace the ambiguity in your life. Everything’s always turned out okay so far, so what makes
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Talk about Your Emotions
It is SO important to communicate your emotions. Emotions are ugly, and situations can become uncomfortable and difficult. But you
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An image of a bunny looking into a mirror representing the importance of looking at yourself honestly, taking responsibility, and also forgiving yourself when you've made a mistake.
Take Responsibility, and Forgive Yourself
Taking responsibility! Something we could all practice a lot more regularly, me included. If you know you’ve hurt someone, even
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A photo of a journal piece about going with the flow of life.
Flow with the Formula
Lately I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that life is pretty predictable, and I like that about it.
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A journal piece I wrote about feeling safe and comfortable in your own company.
Alone and At Ease
This piece is about learning to be relaxed around yourself, rather than uncomfortable. I used to spend my days trying
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A collage I did out of pressed leaves and flowers using colours inspired by Autumn.
Autumn Nostalgia
I used to despise the onset of cold weather but in the years lately, the very beginning of Autumn has
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A picture of the Monstera Deliciosa Bush, a mature plant.
Monstera Fruit Obsession!
I just found out one of my favourite strange exotic fruits grows from a very common indoor houseplant! The Monstera
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Photo of me skating at night.
What Goes Up Must Come Down
Sometimes I get annoyed when I have to skate uphill. Why can’t all paths be flat, or better yet, downhill?
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This image is of a swelling heart, representing the fulfilment felt when one receives praise from another that they are worthy of being proud of.
When did you Last Tell Someone you were Proud of Them?
I can’t remember the last time I said those words. But I certainly remember how much they meant the last
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A picture of a blue sky, representing the mind and its every day thoughts that appear as clouds and occasionally obscure the bigger picture.
Blue Sky Mind
The mind, at it’s essence, is a blue sky. Pure, expansive, open and free. Every thought that crosses your blue
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A picture of me looking to the light, wearing a favourite bright purple dress that reminds me of warmth and happiness. This is my positive, fun, open, free self being me.
Warm Wisdom
I tend to surround myself these days not just with positive attitudes, but with positive knowledge. Studies, disciplines and research
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Fantasy artwork of a baby suspended in a womb in the stars and galaxy perched beneath a tree of life.
Dream Cave
One of my favourite fictional pieces I’ve written. It’s about floating alone in the ocean, and realizing the vast size
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A green leafy background setting with a quote about complimenting someone written on a piece of paper.
Give Compliments
When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could
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Girl laying on beach.
Tranquility Bay
Wrote this one about enjoying some peace in your own headspace. Written after spending time around a very tranquil person
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I Know Who I am
I think I know who I am these days. Not just think, I know. I get a feeling. It’s really
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Pastel colourful sunset clouds
Today I let myself daydream. I sat, and I imagined. I watched the clouds unfurl, and tiny sapphire dragonflies zoom atop
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Eternal Soul Connection Love Skeletons Hugging
Electric Love
Something I wrote last year as an experiment with words, about love that transcends physical reality. Art by Jean-Francois Painchaud,
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Accept your Invitation to the Universe
Have you ever felt restless about why it is you are here? Was your life path already chosen or do
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