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Welcome to my thoughts and feelings on life.

I write about art, psychology, dreaming, philosophy, the universe and that which transcends human experience.

How to Make Someone Comfortable with You
I’ve always been very interested in the teeny, tiny micro-aspects of conversation. Whether we are speaking with a friend or
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An image of a single deep purple rose before a cosmic background of geometric elements.
Statistics and Science
Statistics. It’s the word that makes almost every uni student cringe. Statistics is a strain of maths we use in
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Journal entry written by Communication Fascination's author Holly Pearce, about finding happiness in your own situation and by continuing to leave your comfort zone.
Love of Unknown
This one’s about climbing the mountain and finally seeing the magnificence from the top.
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Picture of a pair holding hands by a beach.
Teammates not Tyrants
This one’s about letting go of people who make you feel unworthy.
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The Land - a junkyard-style adventure playground in Wales.
Child’s Play
This is my very first post about something I’ve studied. Though I’m very excited about mass communication! We’re learning about
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An image of an open book with a forest growing inside.
University Fills my Heart
God I love university. It’s like a giant playground for me. UQ has truly opened me up as a person,
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Love for Others
I have realised (and I’m certain any psychologist will understand) that I do a lot of writing about myself and
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A picture of me looking to the light, wearing a favourite bright purple dress that reminds me of warmth and happiness. This is my positive, fun, open, free self being me.
Warm Wisdom
I tend to surround myself these days not just with positive attitudes, but with positive knowledge. Research, studies and disciplines
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A psychedelic masterpiece by Deviant artist Ryky conveying a figure in a rainbow forest.
Healing Words for Anxious Thoughts
A lot of what I’ve learned about anxiety is all about perspective. Over time, I’ve been able to take control
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Image of a brown and a sandy coloured rabbit sitting with their ears pricked up.
Talk Less, Listen More
Continuing on from my last post, I’d like to share with you all the best wisdom I’ve learnt about giving
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A quote on a forest background stating
Pursuing YOUR Passion
As I ponder the passions I will pursue this year and into the future, this quote becomes of particular interest
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A photograph of a naked human woman curled up in the roots of a tree.
My Take on The “Human”
Humans. We’re about as simple as it gets. We revolve around this base philosophy that we’re deeply complex; so incomparably
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Fantasy artwork of a baby suspended in a womb in the stars and galaxy perched beneath a tree of life.
Dream Cave
Probably my favourite piece. I wrote this one after floating alone in the ocean. I closed my eyes and let
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Psychedelic image of nature communicating with its beings, creatures and environment.
My Fascination with Communication
Strap in, this one’s a ride into my soul. I realise I have not fully expressed what communication means to
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Have the Tough Conversation
COMMUNICATION IS THE WAY TO TRUTH! Be open, be specific, be vulnerable. These are things I like to live by.
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A surrealist image of clocks sitting on an ancient warped tree.
What I Study and Why
So I started my studies this year after 3 years full-time graphic design at a wonderful engineering firm. Early on
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A photo of my best friend and I hugging.
I have always known I’m a very physically-affectionate person. I thrive off small touches and physical gestures as they are
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A green leafy background setting with a quote about complimenting someone written on a piece of paper.
Give Compliments
When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could
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Body and Spirit Vibrant Colours Mandela Art
This is an extremely special piece to me as I wrote it about one of the most beautiful, inspiring and
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Girl laying on beach.
Tranquility Bay
Wrote this one about enjoying some peace in your own headspace. Written after spending time around a very tranquil person
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A psychedelic fantasy universe art piece.
Chemical Reactions
I think of human organisms a lot like chemical elements. Warping, shifting, reacting over time. Yesterday I had a small
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Black and white old-fashined photo of a lady laughing.
Life’s about Laughter
I live for laughter. To me, right now, there is no better feeling. I live for those unexpected conversations where
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An artistic image of benevolent being cradling the head of a demon ravaged by dark energy.
Narcissists: Leave or Nurture?
I’m not gonna lie, I find narcissism to be one of the most psychologically fascinating topics, next to schizophrenia and
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I Know Who I am
I think I know who I am. Nah, not just think, I know. I get a feeling. It’s really wonderful.
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Pastel colourful sunset clouds
Today I let myself daydream. I sat, and I imagined. I watched the clouds unfurl, and tiny sapphire dragonflies zoom atop
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Luminescent woman in front of bright white moon in space and the universe
White Aura
For one pale moment, I was a heavenly entity. I was an angel, wrapped in a sheath of golden white
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Woman with glowing handprint on body
Does She Like Me?
I think today’s a really good day to admit I have some pesky social anxiety around the possibility of new
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Happiness Bug
This is probably my favourite piece I’ve written. 16th July, 2018.
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Can we all take a second to discuss and recognise what Narcissism is and looks like? I started to recognise
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Eternal Soul Connection Love Skeletons Hugging
Electric Love
Art by Jean-Francois Painchaud, entitled “Skeleton-Love”. Something I wrote last year as an experiment with words, about love that
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Cosmic Belonging
My interests lie deeply within the state of spiritual existence. This involves an interconnection of several elements, namely the mind
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Album Cover for Mute by Youth Lagoon and Song Meaning
Funeral Song
Is it weird to have a funeral song? I absolutely have a funeral song. This tune resonates through my body
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What Writing Feels Like
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Things I Like
It was a lot of fun filling out this page. I would highly suggest giving it a go yourself! Really
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Group of Horses as Friends
A Life with Soulmates
I’ve been thinking a lot about soulmates lately, after recently breaking up with one. Yes, I’d absolutely consider him a
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You’re by my Side, or in my Way
I have a strong sense of self, but I am not untouched by anything or anyone. I face a lot
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My Planet or Yours?
My Planet, or Yours?
“Where’d you want it? It’s your decision honey. My planet, or yours?” Cause I’ll meet you halfway. – Aviation, a
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I am the Bark on a Tree
One thing I’ve been picking up on a lot lately is the concept of the human being a very basic
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I’ll Find You
If it means I break my heart 100 times. If it means I search for my whole life. I won’t
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Fractal Love
What you’re looking at right now is called a Mandelbrot Set. It is a considerably simple mathematic formula entered in
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Write Down Your Passions!
Ok. So this is something I think everyone should give a go, and is super easy! Grab a notebook, title
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Pine Paradise
A glimpse of my wildest dream.
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