Blue Sky Mind

Blue Sky Mind

A picture of a blue sky, representing the mind and its every day thoughts that appear as clouds and occasionally obscure the bigger picture.

The mind, at it’s essence, is a blue sky. Pure, expansive, open and free.

Every thought that crosses your blue sky is a ‘cloud’. There are clouds that just float on past peacefully, and there are clouds that stick, and gather and accumulate. Sometimes they gather until you can no longer see your blue sky through your cloudy thoughts. Sometimes the clouds just gather and grow until they form a terrific thunderstorm.

If you can feel a thunderstorm of thoughts forming right now, remember that even though you may not be able to see it, your blue sky is always there. And when the storm does erupt, and the rain pours, it will wash away the old clouds and restore clarity again. Clouds and rain are a part of everyday life, and we have to know that blue sky is never far away.

Remember your blue sky mind today, and that every thought is just a cloud.

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