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An image of a bunny looking into a mirror representing the importance of looking at yourself honestly, taking responsibility, and also forgiving yourself when you've made a mistake.

Take Responsibility, and Forgive Yourself

Taking responsibility! Something we could all practice a lot more regularly, me included. If you know you’ve hurt someone, even it was unintentional, say sorry! Life’s too short to hold onto the stubborn belief that you’re never wrong, and that any time you are, it’s some sort of stain on your reputation or value as a…
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A photo of a journal piece about going with the flow of life.

Flow with the Formula

Lately I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that life is pretty predictable, and I like that about it. There are times that feel like you’re struggling uphill, and there are times you’re flying downhill with ease. I know that neither last forever, so I really enjoy the warm episodes, and hold out hope…
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A journal piece I wrote about feeling safe and comfortable in your own company.

Alone and At Ease

This piece is about learning to be relaxed around yourself, rather than uncomfortable. I used to spend my days trying to fill in every spare hour with some sort of social activity. I hated the idea of spending any time alone — it filled me with fear. I’ve come a long way since then, realizing…
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A collage I did out of pressed leaves and flowers using colours inspired by Autumn.

Autumn Nostalgia

I used to despise the onset of cold weather but in the years lately, the very beginning of Autumn has sent me into a comfy little haze of nostalgia. Here’s a creative piece I wrote a week or two ago.

A picture of the Monstera Deliciosa Bush, a mature plant.

Monstera Fruit Obsession!

I just found out one of my favourite strange exotic fruits grows from a very common indoor houseplant! The Monstera Deliciosa (translating to “delicious monster”) is also known as the swiss cheese plant for the distinct holes in it’s huge, broad leaves. And you will have seen it for sure! If you spot one of…
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Photo of me skating at night.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Sometimes I get annoyed when I have to skate uphill. Why can’t all paths be flat, or better yet, downhill? I want to fly down freely, nothing in my way. I don’t want to do the work of struggling my way up a hill. But if I didn’t, I’d never get that feeling of my…
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This image is of a swelling heart, representing the fulfilment felt when one receives praise from another that they are worthy of being proud of.

When did you Last Tell Someone you were Proud of Them?

I can’t remember the last time I said those words. But I certainly remember how much they meant the last time someone said them to me. I was talking to a friend recently who shared my feelings. He disclosed that last time his dad said he was proud of him, he almost cried. We agreed…
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A picture of a blue sky, representing the mind and its every day thoughts that appear as clouds and occasionally obscure the bigger picture.

Blue Sky Mind

The mind, at it’s essence, is a blue sky. Pure, expansive, open and free. Every thought that crosses your blue sky is a ‘cloud’. There are clouds that just float on past peacefully, and there are clouds that stick, and gather and accumulate. Sometimes they gather until you can no longer see your blue sky…
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A picture of me looking to the light, wearing a favourite bright purple dress that reminds me of warmth and happiness. This is my positive, fun, open, free self being me.

Warm Wisdom

I tend to surround myself these days not just with positive attitudes, but with positive knowledge. Studies, disciplines and research where there is a deliberately warm direction. As a deep-rooted optimist, I am careful not to dwell on problems, but rather look for solutions. And for me to pursue the correct or most true decision…
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Fantasy artwork of a baby suspended in a womb in the stars and galaxy perched beneath a tree of life.

Dream Cave

One of my favourite fictional pieces I’ve written. It’s about floating alone in the ocean, and realizing the vast size of the universe around you. I imagined the sea as one big womb, and found inspiration for a story that I penned in the car on the way home. I love this piece because it…
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