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How do you know when someone’s done psychedelics?

They’ll tell you. Directly after meeting you.

Blue Sky Mind

The mind, at it’s essence, is a blue sky. Pure, expansive, open and free. Every thought that crosses your blue sky is a cloud. There are clouds that just float past and there are clouds that gather and accumulate. Sometimes they gather until you can no longer see your blue sky. Sometimes they just grow…
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Photo from a 70s New Year party capturing two couples laughing and showing affection

70s New Year Party

Body and Spirit Vibrant Colours Mandela Art

What is the Worldwide Conversation?

This post is a placeholder for the page I’ve been working on in my mind for a number of months now. It has evolved from a love of media, writing and psychological concepts. This is the one thing I’m really hoping will take off, and is my dream to host and facilitate. The Worldwide Conversation…
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Hi there!

First post.

Testy Testy

Hello am testing