Colour of my Mind

Colour of my Mind

Quality thoughts result in a quality day.

Today I reflect on how the colour of my self-talk influences my whole day.

On particularly stressful days, I notice I am often telling myself that I am doing everything wrong. That I feel fearful and that I have reasons to be, that I need things and that I’m not independent, and that I’m going to create a rocky outcome.

On particularly wonderful days, I notice my mind is bright, open and immune to these types of thoughts. I hear myself say that it’s exciting that I’m going where I’m going today, and doing what I’m doing. It’s exciting that my current circumstances are happening to me, and that I’m grateful for learning the fascinating lessons that I am about whatever I’m currently going through. I notice I use language like:

“I love how strong I am for doing…”
“I am so grateful for the way that…”
“It’s amazing recently how far I’ve come with…”
“It’s wonderful that I’m finally learning to…”

These thoughts build an UPWARDS trajectory like a pyramid, and one naturally leads to another!

I use this instead of language like:

“I have a feeling this is going to end in havoc!”
“I’m so nervous of what they’re going to think of me if I’m late.”
“I’m not sure if these new friends really like me.”
“I really need help with this problem, I don’t think I can handle this.”

Think about how you felt when you read each of these upwards and downwards passages.

Did one evoke dread more than the other? And more importantly, did one feel more familiar than the other?

Decide how you want to talk to yourself. The narrative you create is the narrative you will build. Your mind is creating a blueprint ready for your body to follow. YOU tell it what to do. So get in the driver’s seat and TELL it what to do, before your anxious, primitive monkey brain does it for you!