Pastel colourful sunset clouds

Today I let myself daydream. I sat, and I imagined. I watched the clouds unfurl, and tiny sapphire dragonflies zoom atop blades of grass like helicopters in an airport. And I let my mind rest. I let it swirl and calculate, see and imagine. I have unlocked yet another part of my brain, one capable of silent creativity and peaceful belonging.

Yesterday, whilst hanging out with one of my best friends Kaela, a discussion unfolded about the shortening attention spans of our younger generations. We remarked that those before us were able to entertain themselves for days and nights, playing outside and dreaming up endless games with next to no resources. Our own generation could sit would sit comfortably, fascinated by the default drawing program on the bulky desktop computers we grew up with, playing, zooming, creating for hours. The current generation finds difficulty being entertained by an app for an excess of a few minutes. It is no fault of their own.

But I have been practicing returning to that creative, resourceless state. One where I daydream. I am at peace from my worries. I am existing in my very moment, alone, just observing. Developing my perspective on the world, and its scale. I am not on a constant move. I have time to afford this kind of passing of time.

I used to find myself fretting when I took a moment to stop and enjoy, always needing to move onto the next urgent task. But it is these moments that allow me to approach a new task with clarity. They are essential to my well-being.

Today, I feel calm.


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