Dazzling Resumes

Tell me. If you were an employer, which resume would you pick up to read first?

I can guarantee you would be grabbed by the right one. Most resumes are far too plain and dull. This document is a whole reflection of your personality! You're full of life! You are brilliant! You have endless depth to offer an employer! It's time to show it.

Let's make it into something that makes you truly stand out!

Here are just a few of the templates that I offer. I will interview you on your key personality traits and we will come up with a way to best present your skills and your traits.

A few of the resume template designs I offer.

I always feel confident handing my resumes out, and always get feedback! It's a great feeling to receive immediate compliments on the look of your resume!

If getting noticed is something you're seeking, drop me a line at pearceholly97@gmail.com.

I can have something bold, outstanding and professional whipped up for you in a few business days. Don't get lost amongst the crowd. Be the first to get called!