Does She Like Me?

Does She Like Me?

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I think today’s a really good day to admit I have some pesky social anxiety around the possibility of new friends not liking me. Particularly if I’ve only recently started hanging out with them, it’s quite easy for me to start convincing myself they don’t really want to hang out, or talk. This goes for both guys and girls that I’ve befriended. However I think it’s also important to note I think most people probably experience this. And that I feel it’s magnified by the emphasis we have to put on digital social interactions these days. Oh, he hasn’t replied back yet? He probably doesn’t want to talk anyway, don’t be so annoying next time. Oh, she didn’t smile back when I tried to make her laugh? She probably feels uncomfortable around me.

This is kinda tiring, cause I’m always living under expectations that someone I value is going to leave. And that might just happen! And it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they did. Although the problem is where I start to think that mentally distancing myself from them is going to help me. Almost like I’m cutting the fun before it even begins. Guessing their emotions for them. It seems so illogical but it’s not at all easy to shake the thought, and when the friend does inevitably reveal their appreciation or true emotions I become surprised and rather guilty.

This strikes me as quite a new-age issue, where we are so conscious of our appearances both online and off, and whether they seem likeable. There is a lot of pressure that comes with managing impressions and adhering to social expectations 24/7, and I think our generation struggles immensely with the overthinking that results.

Do you ever feel something similar? I have a feeling this is far more common than I imagine. Leave a thought below.

I actually think this video gives a really wonderful description of these feelings and guides you towards re-wiring your brain to behave more securely. Give it a watch and see if you relate as well!

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