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A photo of a page of writing from my diary.

An excerpt from my diary about imagining the beauty that awaits after death.

This is an extremely special piece to me as I wrote it about one of the most beautiful, inspiring and transformative moments of my life. I remember it so vividly even though I was literally doing nothing more than just laying in bed with the person I loved, basking in quiet daydream to myself when a certain vision or dream unfolded in my hazy state that I’ll never forget.

I’d just had a wonderful relaxing day and was lying there in a warm embrace feeling an absolutely beautiful, tingling sensation of happiness, love and gratitude surrounding me. Everything just felt right, and safe. Behind my resting eyelids, reality transgressed into a sort of day-dream as my imagination slipped away. Beginning to unfold were some of the most beautiful colours, figures, symbolism and imagery I’d ever experienced. All of it surrounded the central theme of a mother tree, and from it sprouted all of my dreams, loves, passions, memories, truths, and fireworks of colour and surprises. They swirled into the atmosphere from the mother tree, saturating it endlessly with love and hope in the forms of colourful, morphing symbols and emblems.

As I let it unfold I realised I was experiencing, or watching, the very final moments of my life. I felt at total peace, with overwhelming gratefulness for my life, excitement for the new world in which I’d created and was entering to, and the universal truths being revealed to me. It was so undeniably beautiful. I ended up with tears streaming down my face, and later a whole new outlook on death and what it means to embrace it. It was the strangest and most wonderful experience I’ve ever envisioned.

The next morning I was still perplexed and fascinated by my vision, which remained as clear as day in my mind and still does to this day. So I turned to Google to look for an image that could even remotely illustrate what I’d seen. I came across the artwork above by an artist who goes by Nahima, and when I saw it I was gobsmacked. The resemblance was uncanny, and nothing has struck me quite so profoundly like this image since. So it has become quite special to me. Thus, I have featured it as the icon of my website. For me it is a symbol of hope, wonder and magic, and I hope you can enjoy it too now you know this little story.

Art by Nahima, entitled “Mandala of the Goddess”.

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