Give Compliments

Give Compliments

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When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could last a lifetime.

I find this quote beautiful and honest. I found this on the blog of a gorgeous tattooed lady I met at a festival and since reading it I have been practicing this trick much much more. I’ve found it has allowed me to be a lot more authentic and expressive towards others, and leaves me with a really special feeling too.

It is an easy easy mistake for us to assume that a friend, partner or loved one just automatically knows what they mean to you. It seems obvious that they already know what you like about them! However this is really not the case at all… and I have realized how surprised we can really be when someone lets us know exactly why we’re appreciated.

It is so beautiful and generous to be complimented in any way by someone, and we all know how lovely it feels. Recently I have actually deepened a lot of connections with people by voicing these exact praises out loud. Compliment friends, compliment strangers, tell other humans what you like about them. It takes a moment of vulnerability on your end that will likely have a long-lasting effect on another person’s psyche and self-image.

Be truthful, be specific, be vulnerable. It pays off.

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