Life’s about Laughter

Life’s about Laughter

Black and white old-fashined photo of a lady laughing.

I live for laughter. To me, right now, there is no better feeling. I live for those unexpected conversations where you absolutely just bounce off each other til you can barely breathe. Anyone who gets me giggling is an instant friend. But I’ve noticed I am also fairly self-radiating when it comes to laughter. One of my most important lessons over the years is the importance of the ability to laugh at myself. I laugh at my thoughts, my embarrassing moments, my behaviours and quirks. It’s given me the confidence to start to be myself with a lot less shame. It keeps me lapping up the endless positivity of my own very being.

And I have so much to laugh about! The world is absurd. It is hilariously and truly ridiculous. Each moment is so crucially, life-changingly important and yet at the same time so trivially insignificant. That is confronting, inconceivable, and at the same time stupidly funny. So what are we supposed to do but laugh about it? We are each a fleeting, warping, time-capsule of cells that can observe and process sensory information. So I may as well enjoy the full absurdity and hilarity life has to offer. I only get one life on this weird and special earth so I intend to pursue the feelings I enjoy most with unconditional passion.

And if I can share that laughter with others along the way then I am one happy chap!

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