The Gratitude Jar

The Gratitude Jar

Today I’d like to talk about something really small and simple that has massively improved my attitude in the past year. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I had been feeling stressed in life and needed some avenue to acknowledge and focus on the things I was grateful for.


So I started this little Gratitude Jar.


I spend a lot of time at my desk, so I simply left a jar, some pre-cut strips of paper, and a pen nearby ready for a moment of inspiration.


Each day, I wrote one thing I felt lucky for on a strip of paper, dated it, and put it in the jar. They could be as big, small or silly as I liked.


A full year later, I LOVE reading them back, as they tell a real story of my life at the time, and they’ve completely improved the way I think. What I am grateful for now consistently sits at the forefront of my mind, since I’ve trained myself to look for and focus on those things.


I wanted to share a few special excerpts with you so you can see how simple the process is. I really treasure these and noticed I wrote about my friends and family often, which I will love to share with them in years to come.