Warm Wisdom

Warm Wisdom

A picture of me looking to the light, wearing a favourite bright purple dress that reminds me of warmth and happiness. This is my positive, fun, open, free self being me.

I tend to surround myself these days not just with positive attitudes, but with positive knowledge. Studies, disciplines and research where there is a deliberately warm direction. As a deep-rooted optimist, I am careful not to dwell on problems, but rather look for solutions. And for me to pursue the correct or most true decision in any given scenario, I must not focus on the problems alone. They will only ever bury me.

Thus, while I love and respect the merit of topics like politics, I steer away from delving too far into the woes of conflict and unanswered questions embedded deep in their fabric, for they bear too heavy a weight upon my finite mind. Instead, I guide my resources towards the subjects I feel will help me uplift humanity, and even when faced with a confronting topic I immediately look for the bright side.

How can I orientate my behaviour and personality to best serve the world? How can I give myself to others in a way that encourages them to open up to their desires and share their truths? How can I collectively inspire a wave of love and light amongst humanity? These intimate self-reflections are the grand “problems” I see most worth in pursuing.

So by avoiding negative outlooks and always seeking higher truth, I keep my most valuable asset – my mind – safe to an extent. Protected from the perils of the outside world, and open to the beauty. I feel it preserves my inner light, and renews my heart with wonder which I can share.

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