White Aura

White Aura

Luminescent woman in front of bright white moon in space and the universe

For one pale moment, I was a heavenly entity. I was an angel, wrapped in a sheath of golden white blankets. I was the strength of the moonlight, and I encapsulated the sun. A silky liquidated queen, with an aura so benevolent it could heal all wounds. Each soft, gentle step I took was the glowing heartbeat of my soul, carefully but surely guiding my delirious body. I felt as though I was walking on the moon, gliding buoyantly with purpose. All of my fear and paranoia had finally dissolved into a tender beam of luminescence that now settled sweetly around me. I was completely enveloped in this velvety cocoon of milky stardust and liberating wonder. My soul glimmered like a lamp in a blizzard. I was in total, blissful control. I understood my purpose fully. Where I came from and why. I was all-seeing, I had one focus. Just to exist. My solitary essence had broken free and was spilling out like magnificent, sugary lava. I was experiencing the heart of clarity. And there was no more beautiful feeling.

I wrote this about a vividly soul-freeing experience of mine. Perhaps I’ll share the full story one day.

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