What I Study and Why

What I Study and Why

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So I started my studies this year after 3 years full-time graphic design at a wonderful engineering firm. Early on in my first semester I decided to write about why I’m going to uni so I could reflect upon it later and recall in stressful times what brought me here in the first place. I also think these pages are a good looking-glass into my personality and dreams and I thought they would be nice to share.

An image of a diary excerpt I wrote about why I study psychology.

An image of a diary excerpt I wrote about why I study communication.

An image of a diary excerpt I wrote about why I study philosophy.

For me, it was not easy to choose what to study. I have a LOT of passions, and they’re really rather broad! It’s definitely had me feeling a little lost and confused at times in my life. However I was privileged enough to be accepted into a Bachelor of Arts when I applied for uni, which offers so so many diverse and wonderful courses for people just like me. I am so excited to be at uni, I love the people there and I love learning about my passions with the goal of sculpting what I can offer the world.

I kicked off by trying out philosophy and psychology (after much debate and anxiety), and am now happily following psychology, communication, writing and media. It will be interesting to see how my interests evolve into an expertise and I will have to remain patient as my world creates a path for me!

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