What is the Worldwide Conversation?

What is the Worldwide Conversation?

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This post is a placeholder for the page I’ve been working on in my mind for a number of months now. It has evolved from a love of media, writing and psychological concepts.

This is the one thing I’m really hoping will take off, and is my dream to host and facilitate.

The Worldwide Conversation

Comparable to Tumblr text posts or the anonymous ask section, the Worldwide Conversation is intended to be a massive message board that literally anyone can post a thought on.

The idea is to get singular thoughts, ideas, questions, images, sounds and videos out for the world to see, respond to and vote on. It will stimulate conversation, perspectives and bright ideas.

The aim is to create a huge visual of what the world is talking about at any given time.

I am still working out the specifics of how to best set it all up, so keep posted.

I can’t wait to create this!!!

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